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" No personal information has been collected without your knowledge »
" No personal information will be transferred to a third party »
"No personal information will be used illegally  »

Data processing and freedom law

According to the law of 6 January 1978 on Data processing and freedom, article 43 , site users are required to comply with the Data Protection Act, files and freedoms, the Law of 30 September 1986 modified.

Infringement is subject to criminal sanctions. They must refrain, as regards to personal information they access, from any collection, any diverted use, and generally, any act likely to infringe on the privacy or reputation of individuals In accordance with the data processing and liberties law of January 1978, article 34, you have the right to access, amend and change personal data relating to you. To do this, write to the webmaster by mail or email.

Data we collect comes from :

  • Contact form and a voluntary registry including your name, family name, and e-mail address to send you a response by email
  • Different contact details which may let us send you a direct mail with our services.

In both cases, your email address and your data will allow usto respond to you and shall be destroyed at the end.

Limitation of Liability

Camping Le Jas du Moine all possible attempts to ensure the accuracy appearing on the site. Camping Le Jas du Moine cannot guarantee continuity of access to the website: service may be interrupted by maintenance problems or due to computer problems, a disruption of internet service or other unforeseen circumstances.

Camping Le Jas du Moineshall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage including loss of profit, loss of clients,loss of information or any other intangible property loss (even if Camping Le Jas du Moine could have been informedof the potential damage)  which may occur during the use or in case of unavailability of the internet site.

Intellectual property  Copyright

This entire site is covered by French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property. All reproduction rights are reserved, including downloadable documents, illustrations, and photographs.
No use of information appearing on this website in the form of reproduction, misrepresentation, transmission or distribution is permitted without previous written permission being therefor obtained from Camping Le Jas du Moine. . Reproduction of this website on paper is allowed, for reproduction of material from this site, particularly for educational purposes, subject to the following three conditions:

  • Free distribution
  • respect for the integrity of the documents reproduced: no modifications or alterations of any kind,
  • Clear and legible citation of the source in the following form - for example - "this document comes from the website Camping Le Jas du Moine : camping-jasdumoine.comReproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited Camping Le Jas du Moine address appear in the reference.

For other uses, please contact the webmaster.

Camping Le Jas du Moine owns the domain names camping-jasdumoine.com com and different graphical representations related, which are registered trademarks and proprietary.

Documents and texts

Documents distributed electronically on this site may have been updated between the time you downloaded them and the time you read it. Accordingly, we recommend that you check its validity. Documents distributed electronically on this site have been read several times, but may still contain errors. If you find any, do not hesitate to let us know by contacting the webmaster. We will proceed immediately to the corresponding corrections. Documents distributed electronically on this site may have been updated between the time you downloaded them and the time you read them.


Some dangers inherent in downloading any file from the Internet and the user is warned about the need to take into account the potential risks (infection by computer virus, any bug, any deceleration, etc ...) before downloading any file. It is solely the users responsibility to protect and safeguard data and equipment used in connection with software. Camping Le Jas du Moine will not be held responsible for any damage due to the use or operation of a file. We suggest you to download an Anti-Virus before any download.

Hypertext links

To facilitate access to other websites providing complementary information,Camping Le Jas du MoineMoine has included a certain number of links on the website. Nonetheless, Camping Le Jas du Moine liability does not extend to a third party website to which the visitor might transfer via our website.  Every person wishing to include a link from our website shall request authorisation from the webmaster. No website copy (mirroring), meaning a launching of another URL, is allowed.

Thank you for visiting  the Camping Le Jas du Moine we wish you a pleasant browsing.

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